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  • Math
    • College Algebra
    • Geometry/Trigonometry
    • Calculus I (Single Variable)
    • Multivariable Calculus
    • Vector Calculus
    • Vector Geometry
    • Differential Equations
    • Linear Algebra
    • Lagrange Transforms and Fourier Series
    • Complex Analysis
  • Physics
    • Introductory Physics
    • Analytical Mechanics
    • Relativity
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Optics
  • Chemistry
    • General
    • Organic
    • Inorganic
    • Physical
    • Analytical

What to Expect:

You should know that I am patient and non-judgemental. I have worked with students from a wide range of ages and goals.

When you contact me, tell me about your goals (example: passing an exam), where you are right now, and when you are available.

I will study the material and prepare before the meeting.

It helps to bring homework or quiz problems that give you trouble if you have any.

I will ask some questions to find out what concepts you are missing.

From there we will take turns solving problems, drilling on the concepts that need work.

Afterward, I will give you a list of concepts for you to drill on to improve your technique.

If you need more guidance, you can contact me later.

Things that you can bring to help

  • Notes
  • Textbooks
  • Previous Exams and Assignments
  • Syllabi

These aren't all necessary, but every bit helps


Late Policy

  • Cancel deadline: 24 hours in advance
  • Reschedule deadline: 12 hours in advance
  • Late appearances: 15 minutes grace
  • Neglecting these policies will result in a $10 fine that must be paid before further tutoring.
  • First offenders and people who are typically reliable will be forgiven


  • Coffee Shops
  • Study Halls
  • Libraries


  • I'm open on weekends and evenings, typically.
  • If I must reschedule, you will know by the preceding saturday at the latest.


  • Cash or check only
  • No money orders or credit cards
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