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Languages Python, JavaScript, Java, CoffeeScript, HAML, SASS, Bash, Ruby, Perl, PHP
DatabasesMySQL, LDAP, Postgres, SQLite, MongoDB
Frameworks Pylons, Django, Sinatra, Swing, SWT, Servlet, Codeigniter
Libraries / Packages Foundation, Compass, D3, Bootstrap, JUnit, SWTBot, JNDI, jQuery/Zepto, OpenLayers, Ext JS
Packaging / Building virtualenv, RVM, Jenkins, Maven, Buckminster, Ant
VCS / Bug Tracking Git, SVN, Mercurial, Bugzilla, GitHub, Bitbucket, Assembla
Servers / Hosting Pylons, Django, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, XAMPP, Sinatra, Heroku, Dreamhost, Digital Ocean


Web Applications Developer
SoftChalk LLC
Richmond, VA
April 2014 - Present
  • Integrated JavaScript "widgets" for use in iBooks and Readium
  • Migrated database schemae and underlying architecture
  • Established Selenium test framework
  • Redesigned administrative interface
  • Implemented various features and improvements in cloud service
  • Implemented bug fixes and improvements in Java-based desktop lesson editor
Freelance Web Developer
Self Employed
Blacksburg, VA
September 2013 - March 2014
  • Converted Wordpress blogs to static sites (Foundation, ERB, SCSS, Middleman)
  • Developed a (food) canning calculator app (Foundation, ERB, SCSS, Middleman)
  • Google Maps API integration into a jQuery widget
Relevo LLC
Blacksburg, VA
April 2012 - December 2013
  • Designed and developed myaveragesalary.com (D3, Sinatra, MySQL)
  • Designed and developed dogetab.com (Middleman, Backbone)
  • Designed and developed thoughtjotter.com (Django, Postgres, Heroku, Bootstrap)
  • Designed and developed boothmenu.com (Django, Bootstrap, dicontinued)
  • Designed and developed makechart.com (CoffeeScript, HAML, CSS, D3)
  • Setup PayPal IPN processing
  • Setup internal CentOS server with continuous integration
Software Engineer / QA Lead
Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC.
Blacksburg, VA
Februrary 2011 - June 2013
  • Started as a tester, became QA Lead, then moved on to development
  • Lead five part and full-time QA employees on six projects
  • Designed and developed a catalog search page in EXT Js
  • Developed a pluggable OpenLayers map widget for produt search and registration
  • Developed a servlet-based service to identify and email users about expiring passwords
  • Contributed to deployement scripts for JBoss, LDAP, Postgres, and Liferay servers to CentOS
  • Developed a bash script to deploy changes from a workspace directly to a local server instance
  • Established continuous integration for several projects using Hudson / Jenkins
  • Built tests and custom frameworks in SWTBot and WebDriver
  • Developer of the Month: July 2011
  • Rookie Developer of the Year: 2011
Project Free Airfare (PFA Trips)
Blacksburg, VA
October 2012 - December 2012
  • Interfaced with dohop deals API through their affiliate program using SOAP and WSDL
  • Worked with a designer to implement a custom navigation menu representing sales funnel stages
  • Modified an HTML5 thermometer widget to respond to user input


B.S. Physics, Minor Chemistry, May 2009 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA

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